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Hey there! Welcome to the world of Crazy Lil Weddings.

Crazy Lil Weddings Badge - Alternative Wedding BlogMy name is Kelly and I love weddings (as you might have guessed). I’m a crazy animal lover and have a slight obsession with anything purple, sparkly things (especially sparkly drinks), looking at the world through my camera, Japan and crazy hair!

I live just outside of Glasgow in sunny Scotland, UK with my husband Craig and our fur babies Dexter the bouncy black lab, our kitties Nero and Ozzy and our Hovis our funky lil Pygmy Hedgehog (yes, we have a hedgehog and he is awesome). Together we have the amazing job or running our award winning company YPod Wedding Films where we get to spend our days capturing and editing amazing weddings on film (so much fun).

My first ever job, when I was a wee 16 year old, was as a banqueting assistant for weddings a fancy hotel where I quickly realised that almost all weddings were the same (Boo!). Although they are still lovely if that’s what you are looking for, what if that’s just not you? It certainly wasn’t me!

As I got a little older, met Craig, got engaged (Woo!) I started wondering… where do you go and what do you do if you want an alternative wedding or a DIY, funky, quirky wedding something that’s not traditional and that really reflects your personality? Surely there are more people that think like me? Maybe you want tattoos, purple hair and Totoro wedding cake or an owl ring bearer (how cool would that be) instead of a princess dress and a cheesy DJ!

Through filming weddings we get to meet some amazing couples with super cool, thinking outside the box, weddings that have their own uniqueness all over them. This makes me smile! So much so that I decided to make this blog (any excuse for blogging and looking at weddings) for people like them who want something more than “Wedding Package A”.

Crazy Lil Weddings is packed full of inspiration from real, amazing, non-traditional, unconventional, alternative weddings, (if that’s you then I’d love to hear from you!) as well some DIY tutorials. Watch this space for a directory (coming soon!) of hand-picked alternative wedding suppliers in Scotland that I love.

If you have a Crazy Lil (or big) Wedding to share or if you are a super wedding supplier who would like to be featured click the links below to get in touch 🙂

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