23 Unique Wedding Venues in Scotland That Are Too Damn Awesome

Since my post on alternative Scottish wedding venues last year, lots of you lovelies have been asking me if I know of any more awesome venues in Scotland. Well I do indeed, so I decided to make a bigger and better list of the most amazing, alternative and unique wedding venues in Scotland just for you guys.

I have everything from Game of Thrones castles, converted churches. barns and boats to music venues and tipis plus many more and all the awesome unique wedding venues in Scotland from my last post (in no particular order). Enjoy!

The Barrowland Ballroom (Glasgow)

For music lovers, you really can’t get much better than turning your wedding into a real life gig by having your wedding in the iconic Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. So.. damn.. awesome!

Website: http://www.glasgow-barrowland.com/ballroom.htm

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barrowland-ballroom-glasgow-sign alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barrowland-ballroom-glasgow alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barrowland-ballroom-glasgow-weddings

Photographs from Kylie & Paul’s wedding by the awesome Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

Doune Castle (Stirling)

A wedding venue fit for a Stark! Yup, you heard right. How about having a Game of Thrones wedding in actual Winterfell? The epic Doune Castle was used for some exterior shots of Winterfell.

As if that wasn’t good enough, it was also used for the filming of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

You can rent Doune Castle just for your photographs so if you are getting married nearby it’s also a very awesome photo location.

Website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/places/weddings/dounecastle-wedding.htm


Roulotte Retreat (Near Melrose, Scottish Borders)

The super quirky and unique Roulotte Retreat is the only place in the UK where you can find gorgeous hand carved French Roulottes around a lochan and wow, it really is something special.

You and your guests can stay in their amazing Roulottes that sit in a beautiful three-acre meadow and are complete with retro BBQs and a communal firepit where you can relax and watch the stars.

For your reception, you can chill out in their 1950’s studio. Inside they have a cozy wood burning stove, but when you wander outside you will discover the most enchanting fairytale wonderland decorated with Moroccan lanterns.

Website: http://roulotteretreat.com/weddings

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-roulotte-retreat-scotland alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-roulotte-retreat-weddings alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-roulotte-retreat-studio-weddings alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-roulotte-retreat-wedding-reception

Comrie Croft (Perthshire)

How about an awesome outdoor or DIY wedding? At Comrie Croft you can tie the knot in their rustic barn or outside in their 231 acres of fields and woods.

They aim for a relaxed informal approach and even have accommodation for all your guests. Want to stay for a few days after the wedding, take in the nature and spend some time with your friends and family? No problem!

As they say, the barn is a bit of a blank canvas, but pop on your creative thinking cap, grab some funky lighting (tea lights and fairy lights work well) and maybe even some bales of straw for seats and you are good to go.

I love the DIY possibilities with this unique wedding venue. They provide you with the basics (including a really cool BBQ and log fire pit) and then it’s up to you to make it your own.

Website: http://www.comriecroft.com/groups/weddings.html

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-comrie-croft-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-comrie-croft-perthshire alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-comrie-croft-weddingsUnique and Alternative Wedding Venues Scotland - Comrie Croft Perthshire 4

Oran Mor (Glasgow)

Oran Mor is the most amazing converted church which sits in a super central location in Glasgow’s West End.

I do love a converted church, but what makes Oran Mor so damn amazing is the mix of beautiful architecture and artwork. Right at the top of the church is one of Scotland’s largest pieces of public art by Alasdair Gray which towers above you on the ceiling.

I especially love the Gallery which is a little balcony that sit above the main Auditorium area and is perfect for wee intimate weddings. You really could spend all day checking out that ceiling.

Website: http://oran-mor.co.uk/venue-hire/weddings/

You can see the awesome Oran Mor in more detail in our little highlight film from Thomas & Rachael’s wedding. Film by www.ypodweddingfilms.co.uk

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-oran-mor-glasgow alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-oran-mor-wedding-glasgow alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-oran-mor-weddings

The Caves, The Rowantree and Marlins Wynd (Edinburgh) 

Here we have a fabulous trio of wedding venues right in the heart of Edinburgh, each with their own amazing atmosphere and underground style. They can cater for tiny little intimate weddings with 20 guests right through to 400 reception guests, and you can even hire the whole venue all to yourself.

Light up the rooms with fairy lights and candles and you will feel like you have teleported into magical world. It even has the most gorgeous places to have your photos taken inside so you can forget about the dodgy Scottish weather.

The only problem is you probably won’t want to leave… ever. If I could live here I really would!

Website: http://unusualvenuesedinburgh.com/weddings-private-events/weddings

The Caves:

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-the-caves-edinburgh alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-the-caves-wedding

The Rowantree:

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-rowantree-edinburgh alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-rowantree-wedding

Marlins Wynd: 

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-marlins-wynd-edinburgh alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-marlins-wynd-wedding

The Treehouse at Lodge on Loch Goil (Argyll)

Do you miss chilling out in the forest, climbing trees and building treehouses when you were wee? I know I do!

Well maybe it’s not the best idea to go build yourself a new treehouse, but you can totally get married in an awesome one at Lodge on Loch Goil.

This super romantic little hideaway can hold small intimate ceremonies and tiny receptions overlooking the loch, high above ground level.

Website: http://thelodge-scotland.com/the-lodge/the-treehouse

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-treehouse-wedding-lodge-on-loch-goil alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-treehouse-lodge-on-loch-goil-weddings

Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh)

Did you know you can get married in Edinburgh Castle? Yup, the real Edinburgh Castle! It really is as epic and it sounds and full of amazing Scottish history.

I love the Queen Anne Room with it’s stacks of logs and cozy atmosphere.

The castle is perched so high up on the hill that you get the most amazing views of Edinburgh.

Website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/places/weddings/edinburghcastle-wedding.htm

You can see an Edinburgh Castle wedding in our little highlight film from Samantha & Hamish’s wedding. Film by www.ypodweddingfilms.co.uk

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-edinburgh-castle-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-edinburgh-castle-queen-anne-wedding

The Barn at Dalduff Farm (Ayrshire)

You need to check out this amazing restored stone barn you can hire for your big day.

They will take care of all the basics bits and bobs (tables, chairs, crockery etc) and leave you to work your magic and transform the barn into almost anything you could possibly imagine. This is perfect if you are having a themed wedding as you can pretty much start from scratch with a beautiful barn as your base. They say that so far they have had beach party, wild west and musical themes which all sound like fun!

To top it off, the barn is surrounded by the stunning Sottish landscape where you can get some funky wedding photos.

Website: http://www.dalduff.co.uk/barn-for-hire-wedding-event-party-venue/

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barn-at-dalduff-farm-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barn-at-dalduff-farm alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-barn-at-dalduff-farm-weddings

Highland Tipis (Throughout Scotland)

This isn’t exactly a wedding venue, but I thought Highland Tipis needed a mention as I just love them!

They come in all different sizes and can be delivered to your chosen location all over Scotland. Such a cool alternative to a marquee that can be customised with pretty much anything you can imagine. Just look how awesome they are!

Website: http://www.highlandtipis.co.uk/

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-mitchell-library-weddings alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-highland-tipis-weddings

Cottiers Theatre (Glasgow)

This beautiful, unique venue was built way back in 1865 as Downahill Parish Church in the gorgeous West End of Glasgow. Work has been going on for the last 20 years to transform it into one of the most amazing wedding venues.

The theatre is complete with killer stained glass windows and towering ceilings. As it is also a Theatre, weddings get the benefit of using fancy theatre lighting and decoration. Work is still ongoing, but once it is all set up it really takes your breath away. They can drape fairy lights around the room (oh I love fairy lights!) to add to the awesome atmosphere of this stunning venue.

The staff are super friendly and laid back and are more than happy to help out with any alternative ideas you might have. They can take 200 guests in their theatre or even give you a wee chilled out BBQ wedding in their beer garden if that’s what you are after.

Why not pop over and check it out one day and have some lunch in their restaurant (the macaroni is to die for!). As if that wasn’t enough… it’s dog-friendly so you can take your furry pal along too.

Website: http://www.cottiers.com/wedding-venue/

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-cottiers-glasgow alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-cottiers-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-cottiers-theatre-wedding

Jupiter Artland (Edinburgh)

Jupiter Artland is a place like no other you will ever find. It’s an incredibly magical contemporary sculpture garden which is secluded on 100 acres of woodlands and meadows, but still only 15 mins drive from Edinburgh City Centre.

On top of all the awesome sculptures, they have a funky vintage 1950’s converted Silver Streak bar, woodburning stove, delicious food and a marquee to hide from the Scottish rain.

Website: https://www.jupiterartland.org/hire

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-juniper-artland-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-juniper-artland-weddings-edinburgh

West Beer Brewery (Glasgow)

No list of unique wedding venues in Scotland would be complete without a brewery. Not only is this one in a central location (right beside Glasgow Green), it’s in a stunning building with amazing views and some very cool places for all you beer lovers to get your photos taken.

It might be a brewery, but they can cook up a delicious meal (even with vegan options) and of course, there will be beer. At West Brewery you won’t get just any old beer, they have a full range of bavarian style beers which have been brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law.

A gorgeous location with yummy food and bavarian style beer… what more could you want!

Website: https://www.westbeer.com/templeton/#weddings-at-west

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-west-beer-glasgow alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-west-beer-wedding

Harvest Moon (East Lothian)

Want to get married on a gorgeous Scottish beach and then relax in a cute little treehouse style cabin or party with your friends and family in an Arabian Night themed safari tent? Harvest Moon could just be the perfect venue for you!

Website: http://www.harvestmoonholidays.com/wedding/

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-harvest-moon-beach-wedding-scotland alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-harvest-moon-wedding

Grosvenor Cinema (Glasgow)

Here is one for all you movie lovers and film buffs. The gorgeous Grosvenor is a cute little intimate cinema hidden at the end of the legendary Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s West End. It is easily my very favourite cinema with it’s big comfy sofas and retro style, so I think it would just be the coolest thing ever to have your wedding there.

You can get married right in front of the big screen with your friends and family chilling out in the super soft cinema seats, and then head to next door for some tasty food. As if that’s wasn’t amazing enough, they will put your names on the cinema sign above the door.

Why not head back a few months after your wedding for a private cinema screening of your wedding film.

Website: http://www.grosvenorcinema.co.uk/cinema.php?q=private

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-grosvenor-cinema-wedding alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-grosvenor-cinema-glasgow

Log Cabin at Ravensheugh Beach (East Lothian)

The cutest little rustic log cabin with some of the most stunning panoramic views in Scotland. It sits on a cliff edge, beside the woods, overlooking the beautiful beach which stretches for miles. Totally one of a kind.

Website: http://www.logcabinravensheugh.co.uk/

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-ravensheugh-log-cabin alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-ravensheugh-log-cabin-weddings

Mitchell Library (Glasgow)

One for all you book lovers, this gorgeous iconic building can hold weddings of all sizes from little intimate weddings of 30 to big 200 people parties.

How cool would it be to get married in a library!

Website: https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/venue-hire/Documents/MITCHELL%20WEDDING%20PACKAGE.pdf


Bogbain Farm (Near Inverness)

You guys know I love a farm wedding complete with stone walls, bales of hay and fairy lights. If this is the kind of wedding you are looking for, you need to check out Bogbain Farm!

They have the most amazing intimate little barn with traditional wooden beams and stone walls where you can get married. The Bothy and The Byre where you can have your reception have just as much awesome style. Once you step outside you and your guests can enjoy the epic views of Inverness and The Black Isle.

Remember to take your wellies and explore the farm for some photos!

Website: http://www.bogbainfarm.com/award-winning-scottish-wedding-venue.html

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-bogbain-farm-weddings alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-bogbain-farm-wedding

HM Frigate Unicorn Ship (Dundee)

If I’m honest, I was sold on this venue from the second I realised it was a ship with the word unicorn in its name. Aw so cool!

The ship is a super impressive 191 years old and is Scotland’s only example of a wooden warship.

Website: http://www.frigateunicorn.org/hire-unicorn/weddings-family-events

alternative-unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-scotlands-secret-bunker-weddings unique-wedding-venues-in-scotland-crazy-lil-weddings-hm-frigate-unicorn-wedding

Buchan Ness Lighthouse (Peterhead, Aberdeenshire)

How about a wedding by the sea is a gorgeous little lighthouse that was built way back in 1827? They have lots of space round about for a marquee and after the party you can stay in one of their awesome lighthouse keepers cottage.

Website: http://www.buchannesslighthouseholidays.co.uk/celebrations.php


Scotland’s Secret Bunker (St Andrews)

Want something tooootally different? How about an underground wedding in a secret bunker hidden underneath a Scottish farmhouse? You can’t get more intimate than that really. They even have their own Chapel down there, plus lots of cool places for photos.

Website: http://www.secretbunker.co.uk/groups/weddings.aspx


All the pictures of these amazing venues are copyright of the venues and have been taken from their official websites (unless I have said otherwise).

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