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Your wedding is probably going to be the most expensive day of your life. You will spend countless hours planning every little detail to make sure it is the most awesome day imaginable, but so many brides and grooms leave wedding insurance off the to-do list and argh it’s just so important.  I’m going to tell you why you need wedding insurance!

You can plan, plan and plan some more, but certain things on your wedding day are just outwith your control. Think of all the money you have spent, can you afford to lose it all if something goes wrong?

Now, chances are it will all be fine, but with anything in life there is always that little “what if” hanging over you. I honestly can’t recommend having wedding insurance enough, it gives you that piece of mind. You know… just in case!

What kind of things can wedding insurance cover?

Some examples of things you can be covered for are:

  • Venue – If they double book you or have to close e.g. due to weather or water/ fire damage.
  • Suppliers – If they don’t show up, cancel or go out of business.
  • Illness – If you or your close family are taken ill and can’t make it to the wedding.
  • Crazy Weather – If there is a mad storm and your guests or suppliers can’t get to the wedding.
  • Loss – If you (or your venue) lose your wedding rings, dress or any other important details.
  • Theft – If your present or anything else is stolen.
  • Damage – For example if your outfits are damaged or someone drops your cake.
  • Photographs – If something happens to your photos your insurance could pay for a re-shoot. Levitra CVS
  • Public Liability – If someone at your wedding damages the venues, cars, videographers equipment.

A wee P have a peek at these guys.S – Runaway brides (or grooms) are not usually included as most insurance policies won’t cover cancellation if either of you change your mind.

I know these things are not really something you want to think about, but if you ask me you are much better being safe than sorry!

OK, now you know why you need wedding insurance. How do you get it?

Where do you get wedding insurance it from?

There are lots of different companies out there with various levels of cover so it’s worth shopping around and reading the small print to make sure you are protected for all the things you want.

As with everything, the cheapest isn’t always the best so don’t just go for the lowest price.

When should you take out wedding insurance?

You can usually take it out from around 2 years before your wedding day.

How much should you insure your wedding for?

Have a think about everything that you have spent and will spend (including a rough estimate for presents). You are better have a little more cover than not enough!

There you have it, me wee guide to why you need wedding insurance. 🙂

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