16 Mar

Men’s Wedding Rings For Guys That Don’t Wear Rings

Men's Wedding Rings For Guys That Don't Wear Rings Featured

For lots of us getting an awesome wedding ring that you can wear every day for the rest of your life as a symbol of your love is pretty damn cool, but let’s face it… not everyone is comfortable with wearing jewellery. In fact, lots of guys (and gals) may have never worn a ring before so the thought of wearing one isn’t always great fun.  This is often the case with men’s wedding rings (and ladies too sometimes).

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07 Mar

20 Gorgeous ASOS Wedding Dresses Under £200

20 ASOS Wedding Dresses Under £200 Featured

You don’t need to break the bank and spend your entire life savings to get an amazing wedding dress. The very awesome ASOS launched their very own line of bridal wear today called ASOS Bridal which has the most beautiful, budget friendly wedding dresses, shoes, underwear and accessories.

You really could spend all day looking at the fabulous dresses on there (I’m slightly obsessed), so I did some of the work for you and found 20 stunning ASOS wedding dresses with some killers styles from their ASOS Bridal range and more. To make it even better they are all £200 or under (most a lot under)!

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02 Mar

buy levitra no prescription Why You Need Wedding Insurance

Why You Need Wedding Insurance Featured - Crazy Lil Weddings

Your wedding is probably going to be the most expensive day of your life. You will spend countless hours planning every little detail to make sure it is the most awesome day imaginable, but so many brides and grooms leave wedding insurance off the to-do list and argh it’s just so important.  I’m going to tell you why you need wedding insurance!

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