10 Tips to Get Amazing Wedding Photos & Film

10 Tips to Get Amazing Wedding Photos and Wedding Film Featured Crazy Lil Weddings

Want to know how to get amazing wedding photos and an amazing wedding film for your big day?

I’m hoping by now you know how important these two things are. I’ve talked it before and I’ll probably talk about it again, but I really can’t stress how important your wedding film and photos are. Yup, I’m a wedding videographer and you could say that makes me a little biased, but really filming so many weddings, chatting to couples and working with some amazing photographers (and some not so amazing ones) has really given me a unique insight the importance of the things that will make your wedding day last forever.

Aside from the usual tips you will find out there on how to pick your wedding photographer/ videographer and what questions to ask. I thought I would use my experience in the industry and give you some things to think about on and before your day to make sure you get the most out of your super talented photographers and videographers which will make their life easier and help them work their magic on your wedding day.

10 Tips to Get Amazing Wedding Photos & Film Crazy Lil Weddings

Image from: Samantha & Hamish’s Edinburgh Castle Wedding Film

So here is how to get amazing wedding photos and wedding film:

1. Pick the right guys and gals for the job

This one is kind of obvious, but I had to pop it in there as without an awesome videographer and photographer these tips are going to be pretty pointless.

You can see more info on this in my post on how to choose a wedding videographer (a lot of it applies to photographers as well), but here is a quick round-up.

Book a professional

Don’t rely on guests with a fancy looking camera to document your big day. 🙂

Don’t cheap out

You really do get what you pay for, so don’t book your photographer or videographer based on price alone.

Pick companies that suit your style

There are many different styles photography and videography offered out there so have a look around at the amazing options and pick suppliers offer the style and approach you are looking for.

Make sure you understand the style of the photographer/ videographer you are booking and don’t expect something totally different than what they offer. E.g. don’t book a documentary style photographer to take 100 group shots.

2. Let there be light

Lighting is a super important for your photography and videography so it’s worth having a little think about it when planning your wedding.


Photo from: Stephen and Gilly’s at Cottiers Theatre by Wedding by SD Photography

If you are getting married in the winter, think about the timings. If you have a 4pm ceremony it will be dark so don’t expect lots of photos/ footage with glorious sunlight. That’s not to say you can’t have a 4pm winter ceremony, just be aware of the darkness. Maybe you could kick tradition out the door and get some photos before the ceremony to make use of the light.

Are you thinking of a romantic candlelit ceremony/ speeches or are you having a venue with no natural light? It’s not an easy job filming in the pitch black!
Depending on the cameras they use, some videographers will use lighting in these situations and some won’t. Your photographers might need to use flash. It’s a good idea to chat about these things before booking and also speak to your officiant about their thoughts on the use of flash and lighting in case they have restrictions.

What about coloured lighting? Do you want to make your whole wedding venue bright purple, or maybe bright blue? Just remember this will have a significant effect on your photos and video.

3. Where can we shoot from?

Have a wee think about your venues and where your photographer and videographers can set up.

Will there be restrictions on where we can be during the ceremony?

Make sure you discuss this with the person taking your ceremony and the venue in advance. Religious ceremonies in particular can be very restrictive and some won’t allow any photography or filming. (boo)

If there is only one corner/ area your videographers/ photographers can shoot from, either because of restrictions or lack of space, try and keep it clear for them. It sounds super obvious, but we have had weddings where massive flower arrangements are blocking the only place we can go.

Where will you be?

Will you be facing out towards your guests? Looking to each other? Or with your back to your guests? Think about where we will need to be to get a good shot or your faces and everything else that’s going on like readings/ hand fasting etc. If they need to be up the front with you and space is tight, maybe your bridesmaids/ groomsmen can sit in the front row rather than standing to give more space.


Photo from: Tom & Cat’s Wedding at Sloan’s Glasgow by Lee Davidson Connor Photography

Table decorations

If you are having huge table arrangements remember that these may block the view of people’s faces during the speeches, especially if they are on the top table.

4. No surprises please

Do you have any awesome surprises booked or anything slightly different planned that you want captured like fireworks, secret singers, magicians, owl ring bearers, flash mob for your first dance etc etc.

I love surprises, but on a wedding day my OCD kicks in and I like to be super organised and know what’s going on.

We try and capture as much as possible, but we can’t read minds and can’t film something if we don’t know it’s happening.  We have a lot of equipment and mics that need to be set up so we need a little heads up if anything out of the ordinary is going down.

This tends to happen most often when the bride and groom don’t know anything about the surprise, so make sure the bridal party have your photographer and videographers contact details so they can let them know.

5. Don’t rush

Wedding days are often a mad rush! You want to relax and enjoy time with your guest and your new hubby or wife so remember to be generous when working out your timings.


Photo from: Fiona & Stuart’s Wedding in The Corinthian Club by Dave Fallon Photography

Are you having more than one venue like your reception in a different location from your ceremony? In this case, after your ceremony your videographers will need time to pack up all their equipment, drive to the next location, unload all their equipment, take it into the venue, chat to the coordinator, set up their equipment, film some shots of the venue/ details shots of the room. We have filmed weddings where the couple literary get out the car, walk into the venue and start the speeches, argh not enough time!

It’s also important to leave plenty of time for your photos so you can chill out, have some fun with your photographer and they can get epic shots without having to rush.

6. Group shots

Another one on the topic of time. If it was me, I would keep group shots to the minimum to give you more time for couple shots and time to chill with your guests. Do you really want to spend your whole wedding day posing for photos?

If you are having posed group shots with your guests, make sure you leave enough time for them as they can be very time-consuming and you might end up with no time for your couple shots.

Try and make them as organised as possible by sending your photographer a list of the shots you want and giving someone in the bridal party the job of rounding everyone up.

7. Don’t trust the weatherman – plan for all weathers

I’m from Scotland, the land of rain, and strangely enough loads of couples don’t have a plan B for what they will do if it is raining/ crazy weather.

When picking your venue make sure there is somewhere nice you can go for photos if it rains. If you want an outdoor ceremony then have that plan B for if it’s pouring down.

Don’t be scared of some rain, bring a pair of wellies and a funky umbrella and get out there. You can get some amazing shots in the rain.


Photo from: Laura & Brandan’s  at The Carriage Rooms at Montalto by Wedding by Peter MacKey

8. Be adventurous and trust your photographer

Some of the best wedding photos I have seen have been in random locations where the couple weren’t scared to get a little dirty, go for a bit of an adventure and do something different. Get yourself some sensible wedding shoes to change into and get out there.

Like I said above, if it’s raining grab your wellies or a pair of trainers and go for it.

Your photographer has an eye for what will look epic so trust them and have some fun.


Photo from: Louise and Mark’s Wedding at Fortingall Hotel by Lee Davidson Connor Photography

9. Camera friendly make-up

A few little tips on wedding makeup that will photograph well. I will write a more detailed post on this soon.

Fake tan – In general I would say this is a no go. It tends to look really unnatural, especially when the groom doesn’t share your fake tan. If you are going to use fake tan keep it light and natural.

Flashback – If your foundation/ concealer/ powder contains a high SPF and your photographer uses direct flash, it can cause you to have a dodgy ghost face known as flashback. This can also happen with too much highlighter.

Lashes/ Dark Eye Makeup – I love a smoky eye and big full lashes, but don’t overdo it. If your lashes are too big or you have too much dark makeup, your eyes will look smaller and more closed, especially from a distance.

10. Don’t let them starve

Ok, so this topic has been up for debate recently. Some videographers/ photographers will have a clause in their contract that you need to provide a meal for them, but even if they don’t, don’t let them starve.

A hot meal at the bar is always very much appreciated. Most of the guys I know would rather just take some quiet time out at the bar and recharge their batteries (and their camera batteries) while you have your meal so no need to sit them with the guests. You will definitely benefit from some nice recharged photographers and videographers who are ready to capture the madness of the dancing.

So there you have it, I hope my tips on how to get amazing wedding photos and an amazing wedding film will give you some ideas.

If you have any other questions or think of anything I have missed get in touch and let me know.

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