10 Tips to Get Amazing Wedding Photos & Film

10 Tips to Get Amazing Wedding Photos and Wedding Film Featured Crazy Lil Weddings

Want to know how to get amazing wedding photos and an amazing wedding film for your big day?

I’m hoping by now you know how important these two things are. I’ve talked it before and I’ll probably talk about it again, but I really can’t stress how important your wedding film and photos are. Yup, I’m a wedding videographer and you could say that makes me a little biased, but really filming so many weddings, chatting to couples and working with some amazing photographers (and some not so amazing ones) has really given me a unique insight the importance of the things that will make your wedding day last forever.

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23 Unique Wedding Venues in Scotland That Are Too Damn Awesome

Since my post on alternative Scottish wedding venues last year, lots of you lovelies have been asking me if I know of any more awesome venues in Scotland. Well I do indeed, so I decided to make a bigger and better list of the most amazing, alternative and unique wedding venues in Scotland just for you guys.

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