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Submit a Wedding to Crazy Lil Weddings Submissions

Are you a photographer/ supplier or a couple who has an awesome alternative wedding to share with Crazy Lil Weddings? Why not submit it, I would love to hear from you! Here is all about how to submit a wedding:

I feature real weddings from all over the world with alternative, awesome style. What does that mean I hear you ask? Well, anything goes (yup, I mean anything). I’m not looking for your everyday “Wedding Package A” type weddings. If you have a wedding with a difference that stands out from the crowd then I want to know all about it. Does the wedding have a crazy theme? Full of colour (or even all black)? Was it full of DIY touches or planned on a budget? In an unusual location? Really anything a bit unconventional, quirky and that is packed full of the couple’s personality and the things they love.

Not sure if your wedding is right for Crazy Lil Weddings? Why not drop me an e-mail and I’ll let you know (I reply to every e-mail).

Read the tips below for how to submit an alternative wedding to Crazy Lil Weddings.

Tips and Guidelines for Your Awesome Submissions

E-mail to send me your submission. Here is what I need from you PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING! 🙂

  • A little bit about the wedding and the couple and how they got their inspiration (just a few paragraphs) and what makes it stand out. Please include the couple’s names, wedding dates, all locations and any suppliers that you would like mentioned. This can be anyone from the dressmaker, photographer, videographer, cake maker or anyone who was involved or is featured in the photos you send me.
  • Photos! I ask for at least 10 (but as many as you can send me) low-resolution photographs. Although I ask for low res, the photos must be high quality and taken by a professional. Send me pics that show off the unique style of the wedding, the little fun details that make it stand out and of course photos of the happy couple. If you have a short highlight video, send me a link as well! (Sending photos via DropBox is perfect!)
  • Tell me who you are. I accept submissions from photographers, couples and any other wedding suppliers. It is super important that you get permission from all involved (couple, photographer, other suppliers mentioned/ featured, guests photographed etc) BEFORE submitting the wedding to me. It is the full responsibility of the person submitting the wedding to Crazy Lil Weddings to ensure they have full permission for the wedding to be featured.
  • Let me know if you are submitting to any other blogs, websites, magazines or if this wedding has been (or will be) featured anywhere else. I like Crazy Lil Weddings to feature weddings exclusively, but I will consider weddings published elsewhere.
  • Submissions are for real weddings only. If you are a supplier looking for a featured post/ advertising then click here and you will magically be taken to the right page.

I will only feature wedding that Featured on Crazy Lil Weddings Badge - Submit an Alternative WeddingI feel fit with the style of Crazy Lil Weddings (this is 100% at my personal discretion).

If your submission is featured, you will be the very proud owner of a Crazy Lil Weddings badge for your website to show you are a super supplier (ooooh exciting).