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Have you been looking for a way to make your place cards a bit more funky? Well I might just have the perfect way! You can even make them at home.

Instead of boring old place cards with only your guest’s name, why not use a picture of them?

Sounds like a great idea but how on earth are you going to get a photo of everyone coming along? It’s simple… use their Facebook profile picture. What if they are not on Facebook (who isn’t these days). Well, maybe there will be a pic of them on a friends profile you can pinch.

I stole this amazing alternative place card idea from a wedding I was filming recently (you can see a pic above). The couple had taken the photos, stuck them in a little yellow flower and perched them on wine glasses at the tables. How cute!

Here is another example of a couple who kept is simple by cutting out the profile pics and popping them on the tables:

Facebook Place Cards Simple Design

Once you have your picture printed there are endless possibilities for how you can display them on the tables. You can even stick them onto more traditional place cards with your guest’s names on them, but I think it’s more fun to let them figure their seat out using the photo alone. It might be a good idea to have a proper table plan so they at least know which table they are at or you might end up with everyone running around the room searching every table for their picture.

Once you start looking you will find some weird and wonderful profile pictures, drunken photos, pictures of pets and crazy cartoons. It might take a little time to get them all together so why not grab some help and a bottle of wine you will have a good laugh while you are doing it.

Now, how do you get the pictures from Facebook into a format you can print? Well, it’s pretty easy and I’m going to show you how! There are many ways you can do this and if you (or any friends/ family) have basic graphic design/ photo editing skills then it will be even easier. My (very basic) tutorial will use a free website called Fotor ( Ok, lets get started:

1. Find the Profile Picture

Log in to your Facbook account and go to your friend’s profile. You can do this by clicking on their name on one of their posts or you go to your own profile and look through your list of friends. Once you are on their profile click on their profile picture (or any other pic from their photos).

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Facebook Profile Picture

2. View the Profile Picture Full Size

Click on your friends profile picture to see it full size. Once it is full size, right click on the photo (anywhere apart from people faces as it will try and tag them) and select “save image as”.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Save Facebook Profile Picture

3. Save the Photo to Your Computer 

Once you select “Save Image As” it will ask you where you would like to save it.

I suggest making a folder for all your pictures somewhere easy to find like your Desktop or My Documents.

Once you have selected the place you want to save your picture, give it a name and click “Save” at the bottom right.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Save Photo in Folder

Repeat these three steps until you have all the pictures you want saved to your computer.

4. Go to Fotor

Visit the website Fotor ( to make your images all the same size and in a printable format.

When you get to Fotor‘s homepage, click “Make a Collage”.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Fotor

5. Setup Your Layout

Once you are in Fotor‘s funky collage maker you need to setup the page with a template you can use for your place cards.

There are lots of options to choose from, but I went for a standard layout with four pictures per page. To get this, select the classic layouts from the left-hand side of the screen (where the first purple arrow is). When you have selected the classic layouts, click the template with four equal squares (shown by the second purple arrow). This should give you a page which looks similar to my photo below.

When you have selected the classic layouts, click the template with four equal squares (shown by the second purple arrow). This should give you a page which looks similar to my photo below.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Set Up Fotor Layout

6. Add Your Photos to Fotor

Now you need to get your photos from your computer into Fotor. To do this click the “open” button at the top of your page.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Open Photos in Fotor

When you click the open button, find the folder you saved all of your pictures and select them. If you are feeling super smart you can hold down your Ctrl key and click all the photos you want to use. This will select them all at once. When you are happy click “open”. If this isn’t working out for you, don’t panic, just add them one at a time.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Open Photos in Fotor 2

7. Add Your Photos to Your Template

You should now be able to see your photos down the right-hand side of your screen.

Simply click on the photo you want from the right-hand side and drag it over to a box in your template.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Add Photos to Fotor Template

8. Edit Your Photos

Now your pics are in place you can drag them about to adjust the position.

If you click on the little pen at the top left corner of your picture (you need to click the picture first to see this) it will give you more options for zooming in etc to make your picture perfect for printing.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Edit Photos in Fotor

9. Add Effects (optional)

When you click the little pen you will see options at the bottom of the pop-up window for you to add some cool effects such as black and white. Go ahead and do this if you fancy.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Chnage to Black and White in Fotor

There are other options in Fotor which let you add text etc so you can go as crazy as you want.

10. Save/ Print Your Photos

When you are 100% happy with your photos it is time to save them for later.

To do this click the little “save” icon.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Save or Print

A box should now appear up with different options.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Save or Print 2

Give your picture a name, find the folder with all your photos and click “Save to my computer”.

You can also save to your Dropbox or print straight from Fotor, but I think it’s better to keep your new creation safe by saving a copy.

Funky Facebook Place Cards Tutorial - Save to Folder

Repeat these steps with all of your photos and you are done.

11. Print Your Finished Photos

It’s time to print your photos.

I would say using photo/ glossy paper is best because it will look fancier and be more durable.

If you don’t have a printer at home pop the finished pics on a USB or CD and head off to a nearby place that prints photos such as a supermarket/ boots etc.

12. Get Creative

You can simply cut out your photos and use them as they are. If you want to be a bit more creative then you really can do anything you want with your newly printed pics to fit your wedding theme.

Have you tried this for your wedding? Send me your pics I’d love to see how they turned out.

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